Is there a jamming device that interferes with both GPS and lojack?

In the news, I knew the track may lead to serious consequences, the most immediate threat is involved in our property and life safety, so I want to put an end to all sources of tracking, especially for the tracking of my car, in many cases, I drove a car to carry the family travel, their safety issues to consider, not because life is being followed by the criminals and cause problems. I have learned that currently, high-tech tracking mainly includes GPS satellite tracking and lojack signal tracking. I want to purchase the jammer device that blocks this signal at the same time. Can you recommend it for me?


  • DIY bespoke products are very popular in the market. In order to cater to the needs of the consumers, more and more shops offer DIY ordering service, you can make it, according to their own requirements they have professional technology and equipment for your production of the products you need. Like a jammer, you can make multi-antenna jammers based on the signal frequencies you need to block. The blocking GPS and lojack jammers you want to have are already on the market and are selling like hot cakes. Below is a handheld 8 antenna jammer that you can get.
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