In what case, should I start my GPS jammer?

Although GPS signal disruptors are not officially legalized in many countries, the number of people who use it is increasing year by year, so can I open it up for the following situations?
1.I have a private date and don't want to be known by my wife or anyone else.
2. My private travel, I want to go to a place where nobody knows, take a good vacation and relax myself.
3.I don't want to be known by the traffic control department on the highway.
4. In the face of illegal molecular tracking, whether or not it requires legal responsibility.


  • Of course, if you have a GPS jammer, you can use it in any of the above situations, but you need to know the legal issues in your country. We are tired of always could be tracking, it makes our privacy exposed under the view of others, pose a threat to our security is important, the use of this anti tracking equipment high tech gps tracking signal disruptor more and more get the favour of people.
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