Is it legal for my car to use GPS signal jammers in the United States?

As a law-abiding citizen, before I buy a GPS jammer, I need it to comply with U.S. law. I have to worry about GPS satellite tracking and positioning, this let me insecure, so I need such a shielding device, but if it does not comply with the law, so I should how to avoid tracking, ensure the safety of my own?


  • Hello! Welcome to the jammer-buy forum discussion center. For your problem, everyone has their own points of view, using GPS block was protecting our whereabouts, that sounds very be necessary, but it seems to be not allowed in the United States, it may be the cause of the harm of other important, is not only the United States, many countries are not legal for its use, but a lot of people tend to buy more and more.

    If you are worried about cars being tracked, you can visit the following link.
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