Is your child addicted to the Internet?

With the development of science and technology, smart phone has become an important communication tool. With the improvement of living standards, smart phones into the country, almost everyone has their own smartphones, including their children, smart phones do bring important change, enrich the people spare life. But your children will become addicted to the Internet and use their mobile phones to play games. This will not be good for their study, and will cause some harm to their health, which is not conducive to their growth. If your child is addicted to the Internet, you can install a multi-functional wifi signal jammer device in your home, which can interfere with wifi signals and cell phone signals.


  • My child's obsession with the Internet is not a matter of a day or two, it's been bothering me. My original idea is to give the child phone convenient what emergency things he can get in contact with me, but not in the same way as I'd like to, but it is addicted to the mobile phone network, using the jammer device really effective to prevent children with mobile networks?
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