How is the wifi signal interfered?

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Recently, my home wireless network signal is very weak, or even not, how could this happen? My friend told me that there may be the following reasons:
1. If the router is open for a long time and the heat dissipation is not good, it should be restarted or turned on after heat dissipation.
2. It may be that the wifi signal is affected by the surrounding environment, such as home appliances.
3. Shielding of wifi signal jammer.

Finally, I wonder why it is disturbed.


  • I'm glad to be able to answer for you. First of all, your friend is right, and wifi jammer is the most likely factor, because you didn't have that before. It could be that your neighbor is using a wireless signal jammer or a nearby mechanism. The main principle of interference is to produce radio waves of the same frequency, so that the equipment cannot distinguish correctly, thus causing interference.
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