What kind of jamming device is better for families?

I felt like I was having some trouble, and I felt like someone was watching my every move. Listen to the friend say, market signal jammer can solve these problems, I saw on the Internet has a lot of signal jammer, look very good, I been struggling in the choice to buy, can you recommend me a suitable for home use home desktop multiband WiFi signal jammer?


  • These desktop wireless jammer can block GSM UMTS LTE and WiFi signals. Heat dissipation, multiple signal frequency interference, can work for a long time.Welcome to buy.
  • For the home use jammer, a multi-function signal jammer you can choose, it can interfere with wifi signal, cell phone signal, including GSM, 3g, 4g signal. Whether it is with what you say may be monitoring the behavior of or your child addicted to the Internet, and don't concentrate on learning, it can be the required signal shielding, keep you safe, let your child to put down the phone to learn.
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