When will China's GSM be closed?

How long will China's GSM network live, in the face of the fact that many countries have shut down GSM networks and are ready to shut down GSM?

At present China unicom because is better than 2 g, 3 g calls CSFB also choose 3 g, so have in FDD - LTE Band on the opening of the city removed 1800 MHZ Band 3 GSM, remote areas is also trying to reduce the use of 900 MHZ, with 900 MHZ development of UMTS.

China mobile is also stepping up its efforts to build 4G, aiming to open VoLTE at an early date, leaving users completely out of the GSM network.

In view of this, China's GSM is also being phased out. Unlike many developed countries, China still has a large number of elderly, children and other users who use GSM phones.

Although GSM network is very difficult to be disturbed, the GSM signal jammer in the market can be very good for blocking the GSM network.


  • For this problem, I think it should not be stopped. After all, GSM network has many features in the signal network, and it needs to be used in many places, so it will not be stopped. As for the development of smart phones, 3g, 4g, and even 5g signals will not be affected. GSM network is one of the most basic networks. If you want to use a GSM network, you can block 3g signals by using a 3g jammer.
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