The difference between GSM and cdma.

GSM system has the advantages of: GSM standard of high starting point, is by the European telecommunications standards organization established an international standard, the standard is very strict, complete, publicly. 1. The advantage of standardization is the mainstream technology in the world, 2. Roaming service advantage. 3. The business advantage carry on GSM network business to GSM GPRS data business into a new stage of development. 4. The global unification development and competitive advantage. 5. Cost advantage. 6. Development prospect of advantage.
GSM mobile communication system is composed of network switching subsystem (NSS), base station subsystem (BSS), operation and maintenance center (OMC) and mobile platform (MS).
CDMA is the development direction of mobile communication technology, and it has distinctive features in the quality of communication.
From the point of view of technology, CDMA and GSM network belong to the second generation mobile communication technology, which has the essential difference with the future third-generation mobile communication technology broadband CDMA.
The network coverage of GSM is recognized by many countries in the world and becomes a mature technology.
GSM has been operating in more than 179 countries around the world.
GSM jammer must be used to interfere with GSM communication.


  • GSM and cdma are a kind of mobile phone signal, it has certain difference on network speed, also to have certain differences in the frequency band, but they will be that cell phone jammer, cell phone no signal.
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