Are you still worried about wifi security?

With the development of smart phones, people growing demand for mobile data traffic, and wifi network coverage provides great convenience to people, meet the needs of the people on the Internet, you can now use wifi network in many places, such as the station, restaurant, library and other public places. But is public wifi safe? The survey shows that public wifi exists in a security hazard, and we should not use it at will. So is your wifi safe? Not necessarily, our wifi can also be attacked by hackers because they crack the wifi protocol, they can attack our wifi, and use wifi to commit crimes against us. Then we need to install a wifi signal jammer device at home, which can protect our wifi security.


  • Wifi security problems I've been more worried, though I know this is a common problem, but I still worry about someone through wifi attacks on my mobile phone equipment, so as to steal my information, we know that it is dangerous. So I need a desktop wifi jammer that works at home, like a router, and I can put it in the corner, and it doesn't block my space.
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