Is cell phone jammer important to prison?

With the development of technology, mobile phone jammer is very important and widely used. Especially in large places like schools and prisons. Why do prisons use cell phone jammers? On the one hand, in order for criminals to cut off the Internet, they can't commit cyber crimes again. On the other hand, it is also for the security of prisons, which is very important for criminals and prison administrators.If you need a similar prison jammer, you can get it from here.


  • A prison is a closed environment, where it can be connected to the outside world only in certain places, and it is time to visit the prison. In order to prevent the use of mobile phones, the prison will install cell phone jammers to block cell phone signals and cut off the connection between prisoners and the outside world. This cell phone jammer used in prisons is also known as a prison jammer.
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